How to Choose a PCD Pharma Company in India

With the pharmaceutical market on an upswing, there is now a dire need for competitive PCD pharma company in India. While we may have mastered the manufacturing of drugs, the task of taking them to the market still has to be refined, particularly for the small and medium sector. The bigger corporations usually have a large task force on this function. But smaller companies can lag behind.

PCD pharma companies fill this lag, taking over the function of propaganda and distraction for their client company. They have the expertise and the resources to carry out an aggressive popularity campaign while ensuring smooth delivery. In other words, it works almost as your marketing arm.

Given its importance, the hiring of a PCD firm must be handled carefully. The market today is very complex with the real and virtual coming together to form a multi-platform marketplace. Hence, there are multiple factors that you must consider.

Distribution network: One of the main functions of a PCD firm is distribution. Ultimately, your product can only work if you can manage to take it to the average user. So, check their distribution network to make sure that your merchandise can reach the intended destination in time. The firm must agree to carry as much or as little as you can supply. Also make sure that they can scale up when you want to expand in the future.

Presence in an online store: The fact is that most people are looking for their purchases online. The Internet is also a suitable medium for a small or medium scale firm, since it is cost-effective and has an unparalleled reach. Check if your PCD firm can manage their network through your website. If you do not have a website, make sure that the PCD firm has tie-up with an e-commerce site or a retail site that can showcase and distribute your product.

Proficiency in SEO: Given the multitude of options available on the Web, how do you steer the visitor to your site? Most people looking for a particularly medicine will look for it online and they will visit a search engine for that. So, you need a tool to put your brand on the search engine’s page, so that the average user is steered to your product.


This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes in. A PCD pharma company in India with SEO expertise or access to an SEO firm will ensure that users are directed to your product when searching for a particular treatment or drug.

Proficiency in SMO: Like the SEO, SMO deals with social media. The social media has emerged as an important component in the modern marketplace. Since most people today are logged on to social media, it has become a powerful tool to influence opinions, drive sales campaigns and even communicate with people at large.

You need a PCD firm that knows how to use the social media to ensure that your name remains visible, engaging with potential users, doctors and managing your online brand.

Communication network: Ultimately, a PCD firm is your partner. Hence, it must be accessible and able to communicate with you when required. This is an essential requirement for the smooth functioning of your own operations.

Insurance: An insurance is essential to see that you are not held liable for your partner PCD firm’s lapses. Even if your contract may specify so, check to make sure that the firm has sufficient insurance. Remember as a partner in your growth, their loss can boomerang on your own operations even if you are not directly liable for it.

Experience: Indian pharma is a complex market with fierce competition and many rules and regulation. An experienced PCD pharma company in India will understand the average user, their usage patterns, demographics and their preferences. This knowledge can come in very handy when pitching your product to the right user, shaping the language and engaging with the public. An experienced firm will be able to observe sales and give you better estimation on growth.


With its responsibility to carry out distribution and propaganda for your products, a PCD firm is an important partner for your business. So, it is essential that the selection of a PCD pharma company in India is made after careful study of all factors.

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